All our workers are equipped with the latest and most modern tech and a variety of high-quality paint to make your car look as good as new. All our staff have vast experience in the field and will do a fantastic job that will leave you satisfied.

Car Repair Services

Electric car repair $120
Battery and engine service $80
-10% OFF Brake repair $40
Belts & Hoses $40
Steering and Suspension Services $90
Heating & Cooling $60

Van and Mini Truck Services

Hose Inpsection $180
Turbo Check $45
Climate Control and AC $65
Engine Diagnostics $120
Tire Balance and Rotation $90
Tune Ups $85


Truck Repair Services

Maintenance and repair $300
Diagnostics $50
Towing/Mobile service $250
Body work $600
Turbo Check $85

Motorbike Repair Services

Motorbike and scooter repairs $120
Electrical repairs $45
Crash repairs $70
NEW Restoration planning $100-900
Pre-purchase appraisals $90